Team Players

As part of your team we aim to simplify purchase and product management, streamline communication with manufacturers and accelerate customer processes through our expertise. We understand your requirements and implement them directly from the start, including packaging and product labelling in compliance with current regulations.

Geographical advantage

Hong Kong has proven to be the ideal location for creative innovation and is thus one of the best-possible sites in which to get OEM projects up and running. Located at the heart of the Asia-Pacific region, Hong Kong is a regional hub for suppliers and customers alike. This particularly concerns projects that run deeper than the typical “copy that item” project and require in-depth engineering expertise.

German Engineering

PRODUX is a multi-national company based in Hong Kong run by German business professionals. As such, we are able to incorporate German efficiency and detail orientation into the engineering process of all our products. We work together with only a hand-picked selection of innovative production facilities that meet the highest standards required by our international customers. Our product development and production expertise allows us vital industry insights and enables us to communicate with suppliers in terms they understand.


Our corporate philosophy is not only to meet the requirements of our customers, but to exceed them.

Through innovative products, impeccable quality, reliable on-time delivery, holistic and sustainable concepts and best service.